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Wildfire Prevention Co.

It is crucial to prioritize wildfire protection measures considering the ever-increasing number of wildfires each year. Staying proactive and prepared is key to mitigating the impact of wildfires and ensuring the safety of your family and property. The trained professionals at Wildfire Prevention Corp. (WPC) can significantly enhance the safety of your loved ones, animals, and home. Investing in such protection services fortifies your home against potential devastation and empowers you to proactively defend your property. Building robust defenses through WPC’s offerings can provide a sense of security amidst the increasing risks posed by wildfires.

Wildfire Prevention Corp. believes in a 3-fold response to wildfire prevention:


Texas Fires

In 2021 met the large fire criteria – described as fires in timber that are larger than 100 acres, and 300 acres or greater in grasslands.

Property Risk Assessments

Property Risk Assessments

WPC offers a detailed assessment of each property’s wildfire risk...

Create a Defensible Space

Defensible Space

Landscape Management is a crucial aspect of wildfire prevention...

Long-term Fire Retardant

Long-term Fire Retardant

Applying long-term fire retardants like Phos-Chek to crucial areas...

Property Risk Assessments

WPC offers a detailed assessment of each property’s wildfire risk, which is an essential step toward enhancing safety and preparedness. The comprehensive report generated from the assessment serves as a valuable resource, highlighting the areas of highest risk and providing actionable recommendations to assist structure survivability. Through the assessment and report process, clients can gain a deeper understanding of their property’s unique risks and take proactive steps to minimize potential damage and ensure the safety of their loved ones and assets.


Wildfires are Sparked by Human


Homes located in wildland

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People displaced by wildfire in 2020.

3.3 Million +

Homes in Texas are exposed wildfire risk


Lighting strikes cause a fire

Defensible Space

Landscape Management and Fuel Reduction

Landscape Management is a crucial aspect of wildfire prevention and WPC offers tailored solutions to address the specific needs of each property. This personalized approach underscores the company’s commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of what matters most to clients. It involves addressing overall vegetation health and growth patterns, which can significantly impact a property’s vulnerability to wildfires. By understanding the specific risks facing each property, WPC can develop targeted strategies to reduce fuel loads and enhance defensibility against wildfires. Fuel reduction involves the strategic management of vegetation to minimize the risk of wildfires spreading. This may include clearing dry brush, removing deadwood, and creating strategic firebreaks to disrupt the continuity of fuel sources and slow the advance of flames.

Long-term Fire Retardant

Applying long-term fire retardants like Phos-Chek to crucial areas up to 100-feet or more around your home can be a proactive measure in protecting your property from wildfires. The use of fire retardants can help slow down or prevent the spread of flames, giving firefighters more time to contain the blaze and reducing the risk of property damage.

  • By creating a barrier between the vegetation and your property, fire retardants can help mitigate the impact of flying embers and advancing flames.
  • Long-term fire retardants are designed to adhere to vegetation and other surfaces for an extended period, providing ongoing protection against potential fire threats.
  • Hiring experienced professionals like WPC, who have expertise in ground-applied long-term fire-retardant application, ensures that the process is conducted effectively and safely.
  • While fire retardant application is valuable, it should complement other wildfire management efforts such as creating defensible space around your home, clearing vegetation, maintaining a non-combustible zone, and implementing fire-resistant landscaping.
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance of fire retardant-treated areas are necessary to ensure continued effectiveness. Reapplication may be required based on environmental conditions, vegetation growth, and other factors that can affect the durability of the fire-retardant barrier.
  • Our fire retardant is safe for plants, pets, and humans as they are specifically formulated and offer peace of mind to homeowners concerned about the potential impact of chemical treatments.

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